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The Evolution of a Holistic Nurse

After graduating high school, I acquired a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and immediately started working within teaching hospitals in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Over the next 20 years the medical profession became less satisfying to my idea of helping people get better.  As a matter of fact, it turned out that hospitals became very scary places.

Hospitals emphasized using medications as the first line of treatment for everything, followed by invasive procedures, numerous laboratory tests and an environment that did not provide for the comfort of the patient.  Food trays were served without very much nutritional content and seemed to portray a convenience for the dietary staff to fill doctor’s orders without consideration toward nutritional values.  Assembly line care became the norm and former methods used to relax patients such as a back rub before going to sleep, keeping the patient’s room quiet and respecting their privacy went by the wayside.

The time came when I could not bear to work in the hospital environment any longer.  Healthcare Professionals discharged patients with instruction to be seen in the doctor’s office so many weeks later expecting them to get better with more medication and/or medical treatments.  This was in conflict to my philosophy of assisting a body to heal itself through adequate sleep, good nutrition, a comfortable environment and helping people discover their own healing process without much need for pain and sleep mediations.

I worked within the Pharmaceutical Industry and acquired an in-depth understanding about the effects of medication: benefits and risks.  I learned how Healthcare Professionals focused upon pharmaceutical interventions using peer reviewed statistically significant studies.  I became adept in state-of-the-art marketing and all aspects of cost-effective benefits to hospitals.  This led me to become top in the industry and was the gift that helped to create my own business to use non-pharmaceutical interventions to help the body heal.

I discovered the American Holistic Nurses Association at the same time I was working within the Pharmaceutical Industry.  Their mission connected to my personal philosophy as a nurse.  It states in the Handbook for Practice (Holistic Nursing, Fifth Edition, Dossey and Keegan 2009) that:

“A Holistic Nurse is a nurse who recognizes and integrates body-mind-spirit-environment principles and modalities in daily life and clinical practice, creates a caring healing space within herself or himself that allows the nurse to be an instrument of healing, shares authenticity of unconditional presence that helps to remove the barriers to the healing process, facilitates another person’s growth (body-mind-emotion-spirit-environment connections), and assists with recovery from illness or transition to peaceful death.” (Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice” Pages 48-49)

I began a community health intervention in 2010 as a Nurse Health Coach and started a non-profit organization.  At the time, insurance did not cover Health Coaching or Allied Health Services.  The Department of Labor and Industry did not have Health & Wellness Coaching as a profession.  Over the next 2 years I brought nurses and allied health professionals together within the community to offer Health Coaching, Yoga and Healing Touch Therapy.  My website was recognized by consumers, students, hospitals, Managed Care Organizations, Corporations, Retirement Communities, Healthcare Professionals and the local news media.

When the Beaulieu Yoga and Healthcoaching Studio opened for business, the services included free Yoga classes for the underserved, health-oriented group workshops and private Yoga and Coaching sessions.  People ended their work day with a Yoga Class and college students wanted a way to manage their academic stress with Restorative Yoga.  Therapeutic Yoga techniques were provided as a result of doctors referring chronic back pain patients needing a non-pharmaceutical intervention to relieve their pain.  After 3 years of operating the studio, a few of my family members needed me to be their caregiver and the studio closed.

While taking care of the family, I registered in a Healing Touch Program offered at The Nemours Hospital for Children.  After completing 5 Levels of Healing Touch Training I became a Healing Touch Practitioner.  I have provided Healing Touch to Healthcare Professionals, University Faculty, Staff and Students, Retirement Community Residents, friends and family members.

The American Holistic Nurses Association published a “Position Statement” on the role of nurses in the practice of Complementary & Integrative Health Approaches (CHIA).

“AHNA supports the integration of complementary and alternative therapies into conventional healthcare to enable the client to benefit from the best of all treatments available.” 

Some Hospitals incorporate complementary therapy to manage pain.  They have been contracting services with Health Coaches, Healing Touch Practitioners and Yoga Therapists as well as developing Wellness Centers that are staffed with safe and effective professionals who deliver Complementary modalities.  The time has come when I am no longer afraid to work within a hospital system.   I am now actively providing Healthcoaching, Restorative Yoga and Healing Touch Therapy through contracting with local hospitals, universities and retirement communities.

I believe with all of my heart, mind and spirit that human beings can achieve incredible things when their Healthcare Professionals open their mind to all healing possibilities.  “The traditional healing arts of the East and modern medial technology of the West are complementary branches of the same tree, and that together they provide a far more complete picture of human health and offer far more effective therapies for human disease than either one can possibly do alone.” (The Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing by Daniel P. Reed; Shambhala Publications, Inc. 1992)



Healing Touch Program: An Introduction to Healing Touch part 1of 2


YOGA in a Modern Society

America is a multicultural society.  The search for continuity among diverse backgrounds continues with more and more people from other countries bringing traditions that have been in their families for centuries to America.    
A well-known tradition influencing the American population from India is Yoga.   The ancient tradition of Yoga made its way into America in the 1970s and it continues its presence into our high tech life.    America is finding ways to use the practice of Yoga in healthcare, businesses, schools and everyday life.   This tradition was embraced and tailored to fit into America’s Modern Society for all humans irregardless of age, gender, weight,  physical challenges, etc. 
Yoga influenced my career as a Professional Nurse and evolved it in the direction of Wellness Care.    After studying the “Fundamentals of Yoga” within a basic 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training which encompassed its philosophy, history of folklore and the people who established it,  I decided to embrace an in-depth study of the physical components of Yoga which are the postures and breath work.   I sought out medical professionals who practice, study and teach Yoga to learn from their medical perspective about breath, movement, limitations, mindfulness, and modifications to postures.  This ultimately fulfilled my profession as a Registered Nurse and RegisteredYoga Instructor.    
Nurses are integrating Yoga into their Scope of Practice and becoming Yoga Instructors in order to facilitate the healing process within hospitals and out-patient clinics.  Recently I took a continuing education program: “Yoga Nursing Essentials” by Annette Tersigni, RN, “The Yoga Nurse”.  The course focused on the use of Yoga for Stress Management and provided ways to integrate Yoga into patient care.  The course was a preliminary requirement for membership into Annette’s Yoga Nurse Academy.
The American Journal of Holistic Nursing publishes on-going research by nurses on the benefits of Yoga to manage pain, fatigue and anxiety.  Corporate Nurse Wellness Consultants are using Restorative Yoga  in coaching sessions to manage stress, relieve tension and improve productivity while at work.  Managed Care is starting to recognize the use of Yoga when part of a therapeutic program overseen by a physician as well as provide coverage through Wellness Accounts. 
Yoga has become modernized while sustaining its integrity as an art and science.   Using Yoga as a tool to connect the energies between breathing, movement, alignment of the body and concentration of the mind empowers people to take charge of their health.  Yoga provides me with an enhanced feeling of well-being and not a day goes by without taking the time to incorporate it into my daily life. 
My deepest appreciation for the tradition of Yoga and the people who introduced it to us here in America.  Nameste.


State Government’s Impact on the Middle Class – Economic Health – Somerset County teachers, school employees pressure local legislators to demand full pension funding

How does taking away someone’s retirement help the Economic Realm of the Middle Class?  It took many years for these individuals to pay into their State Retirement Savings Fund a.k.a. Pension Fund only to have it stolen from them.  The biggest insult to the American citizen, in my opinion,  is the disrespect toward their “American Dream” to trust the government to hold their money until they are ready to withdrawal during their retirement.

Americans, stand up to the governing body of the people, by the people and for the people and ask  every government official:

Who in the United States Government will directly support the Middle Class?

Who in the State Justice Department represents the needs of the people and not the needs of an inadequate politician trying to balance or amend a budget discrepancy?

How does taking away a Pension that people pay into help balance anything when now these citizens will need to be provided for by the State through other programs funded by taxpayers?

What recourse will be taken to give back to all of the citizens who paid into a State Pension Fund?

Use your freedom of speech and write to your Senator and State Representative today.  Let yourself be heard concerning the recent decision to take away the Pensions of Retired Middle-Class teachers of New Jersey.    

Respectfully submitted,




Nurturing the Academic Realm of Life

The most significant aspect about a program such as this one is that it provides the student with less stress and more time to focus on one subject at a time.  It opens a new concept in higher education that is “nurturing” to the mind and prioritizes one’s desire and sense of purpose in life while acquiring the knowledge.

Unlike conventional education, the student takes once class a semester and attends throughout a full year.  The learning experience is enjoyable without the pressure of trying to cram several courses into a short period of time and overload the brain with too much information at once.  Emphasis is placed upon why the student wants to learn the information, takes that energy and places it into the learning process.  Meditation recharges the brain’s ability to focus and calms the body through breathing techniques that balance hormones between the Sympathic and Parasympathetic nervous system.

This approach to higher education offers an edge to the learning process that does not include paying off a huge student loan or pressure to compete for a grade.  Take a virtual visit to this unique human-friendly University at  


Developing a Spiritual Realm of Life


The “Change” has Come – How to handle perimenopause

The blog “Healthcare De-Mystified” has been dormant because the author has been going through some “changes”that needed readjusting.  These changes led to a life-style congruent to the needs of the body and mind known as CAM Therapy (Complementary Alternative Modality Therapy).  Since today’s blog will only reference CAM Therapy you can go to a reliable reference regarding CAM Therapies such as and

It has been many years since my body went through “surgical menopause”, however, there are still times when my body experiences a “hormonal impact” as if those female organs were alive and kicking.  Sometimes I still awaken at night in night sweats with subsequent fatigue in the morning.  It continues with a fogged mind to which I try to remedy with a “caffeinated” morning beverage.  Throughout the day there is a struggle with “mental blurring” which encompasses forgetfulness, lack of concentration and daydreaming.  

Ten years post-menopause I had a body with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and continued night sweats from time to time.  Medical intervention with pharmaceutical agents were administered by my Healthcare Professionals to prevent further damage to the heart, brain and kidneys.  The night sweats still  continued from time to time.  Body changes ensued with some hair loss, side effects from cholesterol medication and a weight gain that won’t budge with exercise and nutritional corrections.

One day I decided to look into Complementary Alternative Modalities also known as CAM Therapy.  The result of discovering CAM and integrate it into my life relieved the insomnia and managed stress in order to facilitate the blood pressure medication to work more effectively.  Focus and concentration have improved as well as sleeping through the night without waking up in night sweats.

I posted this video regarding “Menopause The Musical” as a tool for women to recognize and know  areas of  life that are affected by going through Menopause also known as “Perimenopause” or “The Change”.  Talk to your Healthcare Professional about alternative therapies and if they are not familiar with any of them refer them to the American Holistic Nursing Association at and FEMTIQUE Associates Incorporated at  It is very important that you are seen by a qualified Medical Professional even though you might engage in a CAM Therapy.

Healthcare De-Mystified is getting ready to post more information regarding CAM interventions that address perimenopause, premenstrual syndrome, hormone needs when reaching puberity or “menarche”, post-partum hormone imbalance, hormonal benefits to lactation as well as adrenal dysregulation.

Stay well and be happy!

Femtique e-nurse Judith  


Society versus Mother Nature

History always repeats itself in some way. Take a look at the struggles women face just being females. During the 1950s the actress, Lucielle Ball, overcame a fopoux by appearing on her own television series in the state of pregnancy  She was met with resistance and rose to the challenge with persistence and political savvy.

Now, in the 21st Century, women face the challenge of Breastfeeding their babies outside of their home.  How has the American Society dehumanized this basic function of a woman’s body and replaced it with a lessor means of healthy nutrition?  Why is it that a non-pregnant, non-lactating female can reveal more of her body than the aforementioned female without a controversial remark?

Isn’t is about time for all of America to show support for a Baby-Friendly world?!  Retailers, grocery stores,      Universities and Colleges and any other entity where women use their products and services need to pool together to support safe, respectable ways to offer our Breastfeeding Mothers a comfortable place to feed their babies.  It is a basic need and one that has the very valuable function of helping babies grow into healthy human beings.

Who is driving this message of negativity about Breastfeeding?  How did all of this suddenly start to become an issue instead of a natural function of life?  The United States Department of Health and Human Services and the Maternal Child Health Bureau as well as the Baby-Friendly USA, Inc. have joined forces with the WHO/UNICEF Baby-Friendly Initiatie (BFHI) to help support Breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months of a baby’s life.  It is part of a global strategy for optimal health and wellness of infants and young children.

At the present time, the US has a score of 7 out of a possible 50 points on the US National Report Card which is produced by the Healthy Children Project.  Fulfill your Academic Realm on this subject by going onto the following websites:;; and  These sites will provide you with the information on why it is so important to supply human breast milk only for our babies.


Defining Successful Health and Wellness Coaching

There is a saying “The difference between a successful person and a non-successful person….A successful person continues to do things he doesn’t want to do.”  I don’t know where this quote comes from or who said it, but it is a truth in life when someone persists toward achieving a goal no matter what stands in the way success doesn’t stop with achievement.  Success is also measured in how one continues to deal with roadblocks that stand in the way of maintaining an achieved goal.

The Health Coach is a guide who has the ability to provide information and resources to guard against failure.   Coaching is a process that involves identifying your strengths and empowering you with knowledge, ideas, solutions and complementary alternative methods of health and wellness toward achievable goals.   The Health Coach brings information from all areas of life to help you achieve your health goal; translate research or concepts into understandable language; pose questions that may need answers and direct you to sources of information including but not limited to your Insurance Provider, Non-profit Organizations, Healthcare Provider and others, as well as to reliable internet sources.

Success is yours.  “Yours and yours alone……No one else can live your life.  No one can eat for you or exercise for you or create your career.  Your sleep is your own and every waking moment is yours to use.  You are at the center of your body with all its beauty and strength as well as all of its challenges.  you are also in control of your thoughts and decisions.  Experiences happen to you, this is true.  But you are able to frame them at will; to decide if they will be learning opportunities or weapons of destruction in your life experience.  Even when we work from a faith base that says God is in control of life there we recognize that the responsibility for making decisions is entrusted to us.” (“Maximum Level of Attainable Wellness and Performance; 8 Realms of Life by Intention”; W.Carranza, Ph.D., 2010)      

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