State Government’s Impact on the Middle Class – Economic Health – Somerset County teachers, school employees pressure local legislators to demand full pension funding

How does taking away someone’s retirement help the Economic Realm of the Middle Class?  It took many years for these individuals to pay into their State Retirement Savings Fund a.k.a. Pension Fund only to have it stolen from them.  The biggest insult to the American citizen, in my opinion,  is the disrespect toward their “American Dream” to trust the government to hold their money until they are ready to withdrawal during their retirement.

Americans, stand up to the governing body of the people, by the people and for the people and ask  every government official:

Who in the United States Government will directly support the Middle Class?

Who in the State Justice Department represents the needs of the people and not the needs of an inadequate politician trying to balance or amend a budget discrepancy?

How does taking away a Pension that people pay into help balance anything when now these citizens will need to be provided for by the State through other programs funded by taxpayers?

What recourse will be taken to give back to all of the citizens who paid into a State Pension Fund?

Use your freedom of speech and write to your Senator and State Representative today.  Let yourself be heard concerning the recent decision to take away the Pensions of Retired Middle-Class teachers of New Jersey.    

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