Nurturing the Academic Realm of Life

The most significant aspect about a program such as this one is that it provides the student with less stress and more time to focus on one subject at a time.  It opens a new concept in higher education that is “nurturing” to the mind and prioritizes one’s desire and sense of purpose in life while acquiring the knowledge.

Unlike conventional education, the student takes once class a semester and attends throughout a full year.  The learning experience is enjoyable without the pressure of trying to cram several courses into a short period of time and overload the brain with too much information at once.  Emphasis is placed upon why the student wants to learn the information, takes that energy and places it into the learning process.  Meditation recharges the brain’s ability to focus and calms the body through breathing techniques that balance hormones between the Sympathic and Parasympathetic nervous system.

This approach to higher education offers an edge to the learning process that does not include paying off a huge student loan or pressure to compete for a grade.  Take a virtual visit to this unique human-friendly University at  

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