Linking Pharma to Dharma

Energy Therapy with Sandra Egli, Th.D., Ph.D.  
Dr. Egli is an Ordained Minister, Practitioner of Integrated Kabbalistic Healing and Brennan Healing Science.  I was intuitively led to her when planning a trip to Arizona with my husband.
Before leaving for our trip, I secured an appointment to see Sandra Egli on January 4th, 2019. The intention was set for a session of energy therapy while on vacation.  The goal of my visit encompassed Sacral Chakra issues.  It led me to seek intervention from an experienced healer with a perspective toward spiritual truths and intuition using philosophies that resonate with me to get to the “root” cause of my physical pain and emotional trauma.  
The day arrived for my appointment.  Her office,  known as “The Center of Intention for Healing”, is located in a Medical Professional Building on the campus of Shae Hospital.   I was early for the session so my husband and I waited outside in an area situated between parking lots.   We sat under a huge statue of an Angel with a plaque at its base that read Psalm 91:11 “For He orders His Angels to protect you wherever you go.”  A sense of wellbeing came over me at that moment and I felt a loving energy surrounding the space that hubby and I shared.
When the time came to meet Dr. Egli, I entered her office and was met by her glowing auric fields with this smiling face coming out from them.  I attuned to her energy immediately.  
Dr. Egli led me through a long hallway to her “Sacred Space.”   It was a small room set up with 2 comfortable chairs, a small table next to each chair and bottled water placed on each table.  A huge credenza stood against the wall on the opposite side of the room from where we sat.  There was one large window on the west wall of the room where the afternoon sunlight radiated through it.  
The session began with me sharing what was on my mind at the present moment.  Starting with growing up as an only child, raised by a mother who had an anxiety disorder and was physically and emotionally abusive to me; and an alocoholic father who suffered from PTSD after WWII.    I told her about how my mother’s mother and father migrated to American in the early 1900’s.   I talked about my need for back surgery and addressed my reproductive issues that left me unable to have children.  I spoke about recently having to take care of 3 family members  through to their recent death.  Mental tapes from my past have continued to road block me from moving forward and I have not found any self-healing or energy modalities that help to clear them.  
Concluding the intake of my information, Dr. Egli recommended Family Constellation Therapy and It energetically felt that is was the right intervention based upon her quick feedback.  She proceeded to gather a square tray with several figurines that were magnetized. She placed the figurines onto the tray in order of my family lineage from my mother’s side of the family with both my mother and father next to each other heading the tribe of ancestors dating back 11,000 years ago.  She did not place that many figurines but we imagined all of them being represented by the few that were aligned behind figurines of my grandparents.  She verbalized that it took all of these people to bring forth my life.  
She instructed me to call upon all of my ancestors to enter the room and to let her know when I felt their presence.  It did not take more than a few minutes to attune to the energy of their spirits in the room.  We both stood up and faced them at the back of the room.  She told me to repeat her words beginning with addressing my mother.  She began “I am not you, I am me.  You are you and I am me.”  I cannot remember all of the exact words spoken from this segment of the healing session.  The gist of it was to define our separateness and giving back to my mother all of things that are not mine.  Dr. Egli told me to give back to my mother all that is not of me at this moment in my life.  At that moment an “Angel” stood in front of me holding a crystal ball.  I intuitively knew to place all of these thoughts and feelings into this crystal ball by gazing into it and releasing my memories and thoughts that did not serve me.   A healing event occurred when the Angel turned away from me still holding on to the crystal ball.   The energy in the room shifted my awareness level of knowing I was able to go beyond the parental fears and limitations that were put upon me earlier in this life. 
After a few moments,  I lovingly addressed my father, grandparents, and all of my grandparent ancestors that have brought me this life.  I spoke of my gratitude toward them realizing the empowerment they have given me to live their lives that brought me into existence on this planet.  After expressing my love for them, we bowed with our hands opened towards them.  
Transitioning to an upright position and turning our backs to my ancestor spirits, Dr. Egli placed her left hand on my back between my shoulder blades.  She spoke on behalf of my ancestor spirits.  They wanted me to know they are there for me to fulfill my purpose in life as a healer.  I was informed that my life will be long and healthy and that this life fulfills my journey as a healer and my healing endeavors go beyond this lifetime. 
Dr. Egli advised me to ground myself every day.  She said she will keep me in her prayers and asked me to text her with the date of my upcoming surgery and that she will send long distance healing.  Grounding for me is rooting to the earth, being in the present moment,  aligning and connecting with the “roots” of my ancestors who walked this earth.  The grounding transitions me to become more and more of the truth of my self. 
It has been over a month since my energy work with Dr. Egli.  I have not experienced any flashbacks or negative feelings.    I have received additional Healing Touch Sessions and started a medication for the nerve pain in my back which provided relief from the sciatica.    A follow-up appointment with the doctor revealed that I hold off on the surgery since I do not have the pain.
Recently, I met a friend for lunch that I had not seen for several months.  She commented that my composure was different and that I had a softer appearance.  She said that she used to sense a tension coming from my field and now it was gone. Tears of joy filled her,  accompanied by goosebumps up and down her arms after she relayed her observations to me.   I was so glad she was able to tell me and thanked her for it.    
Each day brings improved health.  It is amazing how much better I feel this week compared to last as I continue with self-care and gratitude for everything and everyone in my life – especially my husband, friends and a few family members that have been there for me in this life – and all of my ancestors that have made it possible for me to exist in order to live this life in healing service to humanity.

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