The “Change” has Come – How to handle perimenopause

The blog “Healthcare De-Mystified” has been dormant because the author has been going through some “changes”that needed readjusting.  These changes led to a life-style congruent to the needs of the body and mind known as CAM Therapy (Complementary Alternative Modality Therapy).  Since today’s blog will only reference CAM Therapy you can go to a reliable reference regarding CAM Therapies such as and

It has been many years since my body went through “surgical menopause”, however, there are still times when my body experiences a “hormonal impact” as if those female organs were alive and kicking.  Sometimes I still awaken at night in night sweats with subsequent fatigue in the morning.  It continues with a fogged mind to which I try to remedy with a “caffeinated” morning beverage.  Throughout the day there is a struggle with “mental blurring” which encompasses forgetfulness, lack of concentration and daydreaming.  

Ten years post-menopause I had a body with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and continued night sweats from time to time.  Medical intervention with pharmaceutical agents were administered by my Healthcare Professionals to prevent further damage to the heart, brain and kidneys.  The night sweats still  continued from time to time.  Body changes ensued with some hair loss, side effects from cholesterol medication and a weight gain that won’t budge with exercise and nutritional corrections.

One day I decided to look into Complementary Alternative Modalities also known as CAM Therapy.  The result of discovering CAM and integrate it into my life relieved the insomnia and managed stress in order to facilitate the blood pressure medication to work more effectively.  Focus and concentration have improved as well as sleeping through the night without waking up in night sweats.

I posted this video regarding “Menopause The Musical” as a tool for women to recognize and know  areas of  life that are affected by going through Menopause also known as “Perimenopause” or “The Change”.  Talk to your Healthcare Professional about alternative therapies and if they are not familiar with any of them refer them to the American Holistic Nursing Association at and FEMTIQUE Associates Incorporated at  It is very important that you are seen by a qualified Medical Professional even though you might engage in a CAM Therapy.

Healthcare De-Mystified is getting ready to post more information regarding CAM interventions that address perimenopause, premenstrual syndrome, hormone needs when reaching puberity or “menarche”, post-partum hormone imbalance, hormonal benefits to lactation as well as adrenal dysregulation.

Stay well and be happy!

Femtique e-nurse Judith  

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