YOGA PROPS – The What’s, Why’s, Where’s and How’s to using them.

What are Yoga Props?

Yoga Props are Blocks, Blankets, Straps, Bolsters, and pillows.

Yoga Props support the body’s alignment and create a comfortable position to stabilize a Yoga pose.

Yoga Blocks come in different sizes and are made from various materials such as foam, bamboo, wood and cork. Learn more about them.

BLANKETS provide a soft surface and refine a relaxation response. They are used in many ways. A Mexican blanket has a loose weave which makes it easy to create folds and blanket rolls and in my opinion is the preferred one to use for Yin Yoga in Beaulieu Yoga’s Gentle Yoga Classes.

Straps come in various lengths. They usually have buckles on them but it is not necessary to have a buckle. Gentle Yoga Yin Style classes on Tuesdays requires the use of a strap to release connective tissue. Read more.

Deluxe Microfiber Bolsters

Bolsters come in rectangular and round shapes. Both are used in the Gentle and Restorative Yoga Class on . They benefit the body’s relaxation response as well as provide support for areas of the body resting upon them. I have found the most supportive ones come from

Meditation cushions are used to sit upon while in a crossed-legged position. They are soft and yet provide support enough to tilt the pelvic girdle to take the stress off of the Sacrum. This enhances a relaxed state of mind.

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