Wellness Programming at Tel Hai: Healing through Yoga Ministry

At Tel Hai, we don’t just have yoga. We have a “yoga ministry” that’s led by Judith Beaulieu. With more than 45 years of experience in clinical and pharmaceutical nursing, Judy leans on her medical expertise and faith to provide twice-weekly classes to Tel Hai residents and members of the greater community.

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A registered nurse by trade, Judy is also a Registered Yoga Instructor, Medical Information Specialist, Certified Health Coach, and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. Teaching at Tel Hai since 2012, her journey to our community was unique.

“I started to serve at Tel Hai as a volunteer in 2009 when my mother was a resident. I felt that there was an opportunity to give back through yoga as a volunteer instructor. My class went from 5 residents to 30 residents, and I eventually developed coursework and instruc- tion techniques. My approach to yoga is as a ministry—a healing yoga ministry,” she shared.

“Our mutual connection is our Christian belief that Jesus is the greatest healer that’s ever been. We connect to God through our practice of yoga by connecting our bodies and minds together. God gave us this opportunity to make these years the best last chapter of our lives,” commented Judy. “We use this class as a time to center ourselves, talk to God, and even pray for each other with loving hearts.”

From individuals experiencing chronic pain to someone recovering from a surgery, there are no limitations to participating in yoga. “Yoga is for everyone at all ability levels. I’ve had students with cognitive challenges, physical limitations, and breathing issues. I always remind my class that ‘you aren’t your diagnosis.’ Your optimal level of health can be better than what you have right now,” she said.

For Tel Hai resident Joan Rumer, this “yoga ministry” has had a profound impact.

“My husband Ron and I have lived at Tel Hai for 8 years. I can’t tell you how she has kept me moving and feeling wonderful most of the time. She keeps us all moving and enhances my life every class she teaches,” shared Joan. “Personally, I was dealing with polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR), which is a musculoskeletal condition similar to fibromyalgia. After participating in her yoga class twice a week for years, I no longer need to take any medicine related to my PMR. She has been a lifesaver to me, and to many others in our group.”

“I’m being called to do something greater than myself. Here at Tel Hai, I want to use God’s gift of yoga
to help transform the lives of others. It’s facilitating the connection of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy in a way to heal the body.”

GOT QUESTIONS? Contact Allyson Welsh, Director of Wellness and Resident Services, at (610) 273-9333, ext. 2756 or email to chat about upcoming “Gentle Flow Yoga” classes and how to enroll. Tel Hai welcomes community members to attend select classes and wellness programming for a nominal fee.

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