Preconceptual Health Information about Breast Feeding Everyone Should Know About

There is a need to make education available to everyone about breastfeeding – mother’s-to-be, father’s-to-be, family members, friends, corporations and society as a whole can benefit their understanding of the dynamic influence bestowed upon human beings through breastfeeding.

It is important to know about the major benefits of this God-given gift to women’s bodies and to gain the support necessary to work toward “Healthy  People 2020” which addresses the need of more women to breast feed their babies  (

Newborn Nutrition is best achieved through human breast milk which is species-specific designed to optimally grow and develop a brain, protect the gut and boost the immune system.  The process of breastfeeding the baby encourages attachment behavior.  This is also known as “bonding”.  If there could be an area here in America that can be improved, in my opinion, it is here at the socially acceptable level of endorsing the mother/baby bond.  Providing a decent place for breastfeeding mothers to attend to the call of her hungry baby is an ideal way to show you care.    

I provide FEMTIQUE nurses to follow coaching mothers’ on breastfeeding through AWHONN.  I have been a member of AWHONN (Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses) since 1984.  This is an organization that strives to provide perinatal nurse members with the most accurate and latest evidence-based information.  Nurses utilizing the information are licensed to commit sharing the knowledge in conjunction with a moral and ethical responsibility to those serviced.  I encourage major stores to contact to help establish the “Bonding with Baby” program for breastfeeding moms who patronize their stores.  This could only help your business, by the way.  

FEMTIQUE Health Coaches are dedicated to the Standards, Guidelines and Recommendations set forth by AWHONN.  This being said, our commitment is for the mother and baby and takes priority over convenience, productivity and costs.  Please contact us a inquiry@femtique if you would like to engage an educational coaching program for you or a group interested in knowing all about breastfeeding.

Happy New Year 2012!

e-nurse Femtique Judith      

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