Defining Successful Health and Wellness Coaching

There is a saying “The difference between a successful person and a non-successful person….A successful person continues to do things he doesn’t want to do.”  I don’t know where this quote comes from or who said it, but it is a truth in life when someone persists toward achieving a goal no matter what stands in the way success doesn’t stop with achievement.  Success is also measured in how one continues to deal with roadblocks that stand in the way of maintaining an achieved goal.

The Health Coach is a guide who has the ability to provide information and resources to guard against failure.   Coaching is a process that involves identifying your strengths and empowering you with knowledge, ideas, solutions and complementary alternative methods of health and wellness toward achievable goals.   The Health Coach brings information from all areas of life to help you achieve your health goal; translate research or concepts into understandable language; pose questions that may need answers and direct you to sources of information including but not limited to your Insurance Provider, Non-profit Organizations, Healthcare Provider and others, as well as to reliable internet sources.

Success is yours.  “Yours and yours alone……No one else can live your life.  No one can eat for you or exercise for you or create your career.  Your sleep is your own and every waking moment is yours to use.  You are at the center of your body with all its beauty and strength as well as all of its challenges.  you are also in control of your thoughts and decisions.  Experiences happen to you, this is true.  But you are able to frame them at will; to decide if they will be learning opportunities or weapons of destruction in your life experience.  Even when we work from a faith base that says God is in control of life there we recognize that the responsibility for making decisions is entrusted to us.” (“Maximum Level of Attainable Wellness and Performance; 8 Realms of Life by Intention”; W.Carranza, Ph.D., 2010)      

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