Creating an Optimal Level of Health

I am calling on all women to submit a blog on a topic concerning what information you would like to have provided that applies to helping you achieve an optimal level of health and maintain wellness.  Whether you are a new mom or a mother of teens, a young woman still in high school or even middle school, a babyboomer,  cancer survivor or cancer patient, wife, single, married/no children, whoever you are and are still becoming, I welcome you to e-nurse Femtique Judith.
I will open this blog by inviting you to comment about being a babyboomer, like myself, I would like to see more of this generation describe how they would like to communicate and create ways to constitute a perfect day for them that is set aside each month for recreational purposes.  This could be with friends, a family member, spouse, significant other, alone-time, whatever you vision for yourself.  Please feel free to contribute even if you are not a babyboomer. Strive for your perfect day!  Femtique Judith

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This is a wonderful beginning, Judith!! I just created my 1st blog, as well!!
I am very excited about being a part of Femtique, with you, from it's inception!!

Let me tell you about my 'ideal' day!!
….I would awaken in luxury, in a villa, in Tuscany, Italy, with my husband, daughter, cousin & friend!! We would have a 'traditional' Italian breakfast, prepared by a professional cook!! I would have been in contact with my relatives from Lucca, Italy & would be visiting with them—then I would take a few cooking lessons from an Italian cook & then relax & enjoy family, friends & all that Italy is………
THAT is my ideal day, week, year—rest of my life!!!

Thank you Judy for making this site! I am sure many women will benefit from hearing how others improve their own health!

In the sense of an ideal "relaxing" day I would first sleep without an alarm clock. After waking I would organzie my room and the next upcoming days. When I start my day organizing, I often seem less stressed and have a clearer idea of whats expected of me in the days to come. I would then attend a yoga class and then probably head to the bookstore to grab a new book. I would then lay out by Marsh Creek reading until I grew hungry in which I would eat at a local resturant with a few best friends! After lunch I would relax at home and prepare dinner with my family. After dinner I would enjoy a walk around the neighborhood with my mom and when at home embrace my family's company. During this day I would set aside all work and know that my work always gets done and it is important to have days set aside for yourself every once and awhile! This would be my ideal day 🙂

Hi – my relaxing day would be spent with my husband, we would be spending the morning out at Fair Hill on a lovely trail ride, riding our horses. We would then go have lunch at a great restaurant then go home and nap for a while. Then we would go out to a park and watch him fly his radio controlled airplane. Afterwards, we'd go home and get ready to go out to dinner to our favorite restaurant, then spend a quiet evening together. No interruptions, no responsibilities, that's it. Another relaxing day would be for us to spend the a day at the shore, on the beach, walking hand in hand, relaxing…

Reviewing my own blog today brought to mind how it came about that I dedicate one day a month to regroup and refresh myself. This takes place at my friend, Kathy's, salon where she books clients one-at-a-time. No assembly line services, peace and quiet, serving homemade muffins or a dish of nuts, dried fruit, or other healthy snack and lots of water to drink.

Many years ago when I was still working as a Labor and Delivery Room Nurse part-time and a full-time Nurse Representative for a Women's Healthcare Division of Parke-Davis, my feet became a problem. After a few surgeries for ingrown toenails my podiatrist suggested better shoes and monthly pedicures by someone who knows how to safely administer foot care. This is how I ended up with monthly pedicures with a "reflexology" treatment. My feet have been problem free (and they never looked better)!
Thank you, Kathy, for maintaining wellness care on my feet.
e-nurse Femtique Judith

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