How many times do you hear about someone over 50 having a fracture of the hip or thigh? What about a “hairline vertebral fracture of the spine?” Maybe you have a history of one? Do you or someone you know have Osteoporosis? Are you a post-menopausal female?

The IOF gives the background information about osteoporosis needed to understand this debilitating condition. (  The good news is that Osteoporosis in females can be a manageable diagnosis.(  

The purpose of this blog is to talk about supplemental intervention with Vitamin D3 and K2 for Osteopenia and Osteoporosis. There are self-care interventions that work to stop the progression.  Some studies are finding it may be reversed. Does your Healthcare Professional have you on a medication for Osteopenia or Osteoporosis? Do you take Vitamin D3? If you are taking Vitamin D3, do you take it with Vitamin K2? 

Functional Nutrition uses Food as Medicine which is within my scope of practice as a Nurse Health Coach. A few of the reliable resources on the topic of Vitamin D3 comes from The Vitamin D Council ( and studies of Vitamin K2 mk7 benefits with Vitamin D3 ( and You Tube “Best NEW Osteoporosis Treatments.”

Eating foods rich in the vitamins for bone health is one way to add nutrients. However, it becomes necessary to add supplements when food is not enough such as if you are on a restricted diet that limits or omits organ meats, dairy and hard cheeses. Adding Vitamin K2 with your D3 supplement can be your alternative.    

If you take prescription medications, check with a pharmacist to see if there are any drug-interactions and let your Primary Healthcare Professional know.  Even though Vitamins do not require a prescription they are not regulated like prescription drugs, therefore it is smart to get a recommendation by a Licensed Healthcare Professional such as a Pharmacist, M.D., Nurse Practitioner or Naturopathic Doctor (ND). Even if a Registered Dietician or Chiropractor suggests you take them, always check first with the Pharmacy where you fill your prescriptions with subsequent consult with your Healthcare Provider before taking them. 

You can always consult with a Pharmacist who is a Functional Medicine Practitioner from Pharm to Table ( Some Fitness Facilities have a Registered Dietitian on board that may be able to provide you with food choices as well as supplemental information.

Find that beautiful place within you where you can access that feel-good energy throughout the day.  Reach yourself toward functionality in movement and nourishment with a healthy diet, balanced supplementation and fitness routine that brings you to your best self! 


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