American Gratitude

Thanksgiving is this week and  there are so many people out of work in the U.S. who cannot afford to keep up the expense of rent, mortgage, utilities, car expenses and the like.  Families will still gather together to give thanks and “break bread” together in spite of these hard times.

It is during the hard times that I think about how our ancestors who came to America survived hard times through epidemics, WWI, the depression of the 1930’s and WWII.  Their hard work and determination are the reasons why America grew to prosperity.  They never gave up and gathered together to form communities that helped each other through the tough times.  They sought opportunity and not security from the government.  They took the calculated risk to dream and build, to fail and to succeed.

Again, we find ourselves gathering together to help each other in order to survive.   When there is a shortage of food, we grow our own.    Remember, our ancestors did not have credit cards.  We do not spend money we do not have and we save whatever we can to provide for the future.  Cut out the things that cost money but do not serve any functional purpose for you at the present time.   Create ways in which to make money that do not already exist.  Seek out opportunities offered by others that will help make it happen for you.  Enjoy the benefit of your freedom.

Thank you to all of our veterans and active military who are serving our country in any and all areas of the U.S. and the world.  e-nurse Femtique Judith



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