Celebrating Nurses week with the Prana of Yoga

May 6th through the 12th is known as “National Nurses Week”  declared as such through the endeavors of the American Nurses Association and the United States Government (  The  date is aligned with the birthday of Florence Nightingale who was known as the “Founder of Modern Nursing”.  ALL nurses from every level of the profession are shown recognition for their service to humankind.

The nursing profession is a calling meant for those who love to be of service to others. It evolved into many career sub-pathways.  Registered Nurses are now highly-educated to serve the public and are required to continue their education through courses offered within their specialty in order to maintain licensure and ensure public safety.  The bottom line is that nurses need to show the public that they are up-to-date on their skills, knowledge and memberships within associations that serve them.

This week I, Judith Beaulieu, Registered Nurse, serving within the great state of Pennsylvania, am honored to have completed a Certification Course in Yoga that enables me to be an instructor.  Yoga is recognized by the Medical Profession as a beneficial intervention for many chronic diseases.  Yoga therapy is considered a CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) by healthcare professionals.

A paradigm within the Nursing Profession is integrating complementary alternative medicine into wellness care as evidenced by the creation of the American Holistic Nurses Association (  The Standards of Practice for Holistic Nursing were first established back in 1990.  This organization is supported by the American Nurses Association (ANA) which is another nursing organization that supports the nursing profession in order to ensure patient safety.

Practicing Yoga has become a daily routine for me that began in August 2011.  I was suffering from lower back pain for many years and could not find anything to keep it “quiet” – even medications such as NSAIDS (non-narcotic) anti-inflammatory medications and muscle relaxants worked for a short period of time only.   Empathy for patients who suffer from chronic back pain was a strong link to becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor.  After finding out how to cure myself first, I was able to provide testimony to share how it worked and offer to provide Yoga to other individuals who suffer from it.   Today I am back pain free and have been after 3 months of practicing Yoga carefully and with assistance on a daily basis.  

Through the help of a well-qualified instructor (Susan Smith, MYI – Yoga One, ERYT – Yoga Alliance,
Director of Academics, AFI – Wilmington University) I was able to complete a 200-hour curriculum that included the assistance of certified yoga instructors.  Today, I salute and honor the dedicated Certified Yoga Instructors (including Susan) from Yoga Secrets in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.  The prana of Yoga has strengthened my professional needs and my personal life.  Thank you and Nameste!  

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