Digital Therapists

Today I continue to learn computer technology. A self-care Yoga session begins with a 5-minute mind-clearing in supported child’s pose followed by 10 breaths in Down Dog and a transition to mountain pose. Once I am grounded and at the computer I set an intention to accomplish a specific task and off I go.

After a morning of road blocks in Word Press, I am ready for a time-out. A cloud of fog enters logical thought and emotions of frustration encompass me. A Yoga break with legs up the wall for 10 minutes and an e-mail to a Digital Therapist provides the treatment necessary to accomplish my intention. Once the task is complete, I am in a good position to do what I love and that is to teach Yoga!

COVID is the catalyst for transition to virtual Yoga classes for me. It is a challenge to both clients and instructors to integrate Yoga with technology unless you are competent in using social media and computer technology. It is not easy to find the right Digital Therapist to partner with you so I am sharing my found treasures with you.

Additionally, the affordable software program provides instructors with options to bundle classes. It is a feature that is easy for my clients to use. Tutorial videos are available on a variety of topics and tech support via e-mail provides timely feedback.

Yoga Studios are closing at alarming rates. The change over to virtual is inevitable. I think about the evidence-based quote by Charles Darwin:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most responsive to change.”

Create a healing environment that adapts to change. Think of solutions and partner with people who have the skills necessary for you to evolve.

I dedicate this blog to the people who work with me to transition Beaulieu Yoga. I call them Digital Therapists (to coin a term). Web Master, Daniel Payne at Twalatin Web; Dan Price from and Mark Toler who is a social media guru at 360Marketing/360Wellness .

I recommend these individuals to all Yoga Instructors. Please go to the Classes page to sign up for the Gentle and Restorative Yoga Classes. You don’t have to be over 50 to enjoy it!