Digital Therapists

This blog is dedicated o the people who created the Beaulieu Yoga website, Class Fit Schedule and Digital Marketing on Social Media for the Beaulieu Yoga virtual classes. Their dedication and hard work put into answering my questions and concerns is appreciated greatly.

It is a pleasure to have Digital Therapists (to coin a term) Daniel Payne a Website Designer from; Dan Price from and Mark Toler from 360 Marketing as a part of my life. They provide valuable services to design a website; offer a class schedule through Zoom and advertise on Social Media.

Life is all about being of service to others, in my opinion. Albeit, when our line of work tends to become the “bread on our table”, it is comforting to work with people like you who lead from the heart and with integrity.

Using technology has been challenging for me to know how to use Social Media, Design a Website and Create a Class Schedule. I have learned so much from your guidance. I recommend these individuals to all Yoga Instructors requiring virtual Yoga classes.

Namaste to you all!

Nurse Judith